Market Linkages and Partnerships

The Learning Academy has established a number of extremely fruitful partnership and market linkages that provide MFW beneficiaries with opportunities to market and sell their products through both traditional and non-traditional channels. This includes opportunities to participate in bazaars, exhibitions, and online retail, as well as the chance to market their goods through the Souk Baladna Instagram account, all of which contribute to making beneficiaries’ businesses more sustainable and their socioeconomic conditions more stable.

Souk Baladna

Souk Baladna is one of MFW’s flagship initiatives, aiming to improve and upgrade beneficiaries’ practical knowledge and managerial skills so that they can market their products through innovative methods and modern technological tools. Located in Sweifieh Village, in the capital of Amman, Souk Baladna provides a dedicated storefront for beneficiaries to market and sell their products.

Online Platforms

Through this service, Microfund for Women connects beneficiaries with a range of online platforms and applications, which open doors for beneficiaries to promote and sell their products, such as:

  • Souk Baladna on Instagram
  • Official Microfund for Women social media accounts

Partners Gifts

Microfund for Women gifts partners from local products handcrafted by the creative beneficiaries to support them in marketing their products, increasing their networking opportunities, and showing the success stories of the pilot women’s projects.

MFW Application

Microfund for Women mobile application provides beneficiaries with many services and features, including networking, which benefits beneficiaries by reaching out to each other and offering their products and services.


Bazaars and Exhibitions

Through this service, Microfund for Women provides free opportunities for beneficiaries to participate in various bazaars, fairs, and exhibitions throughout the year, especially during the holiday season, to enter new markets, which positively affects increasing production capacity sales and networking opportunities.