To further support our efforts to improve the financial inclusion of women and underserved communities, Microfund for Women offers its beneficiaries a number of digital financial services through dedicated online and mobile applications. These user-friendly apps and websites make it easier than ever for beneficiaries to get the services and information they need.

Microfund for Women Online

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MFW provides online training programs through the Learning Academy, as well as through partnerships with a variety of educational and academic institutions. Once we’ve identified our beneficiaries’ training and development needs, we are able to develop and offer online courses that are designed to elevate their skills and expand their knowledge.

Our E-learning programs are provided through a combination of interactive distance learning and in-person instruction, designed to reach our beneficiaries wherever they are and to ensure continuity of learning.

It is a website that enables MFW beneficiaries to apply for a loan online without needing to visit one of our branches. It is designed to simplify the loan application process, making our loans accessible to everyone, and especially to applicants living in remote areas.

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E-Wallet enables beneficiaries to receive their loan and microinsurance claim payments digitally, replacing the need for traditional cheques. This allows them to better manage their finances, more easily conduct transactions and purchases, and cash in and out with greater ease.

Loan repayments and other bill payments can also be made using eFAWATEERcom, which is embedded within E-Wallet to allow beneficiaries to make online payments at anytime, from anywhere.

E-Wallet allows users to take advantage of a variety of financial services from the convenience of their mobile device, including:

  • FREE wallet registration
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals from any certified agent
  • Free transfers from one mobile wallet to another
  • Ability to pay your monthly MFW repayment or utility bills (through eFAWATEERcom)
  • Ability to pay for goods at all shops accepting Mahfazti (U-Wallet)
  • 24/7 cash withdrawals from ATMs