Altibbi application was very beneficial during the Corona period, it helped us reach much needed medical support and advice over the phone.

Hanan Al-Khesbah - Al-Tafilah

  • > 138,435 active borrowers
  • > 96.2% of active borrowers are women
  • Total amount of loans disbursed is > 70,144,430
  • Repayment rate is > 96%
  • > 1,000,000 loans
  • > 31 international and local awards
  • > 63 branches
  • > 706 employees
  • > 72.4% of employees are women


Widad did not have the opportunity to work in the field of her major, but her insistence and willingness to do something and take advantage of her time and to support her family on the other led her to seek the help of Microfund for Women, which the latter provided her with the necessary financial support to start pickles and fruit-drying business.

Today, Widad’s business plays a significant role in improving the financial status of her family, who are very supportive of her and her business, and she hopes that she will be able to expand this business and participate in the most significant possible number of bazaars and fairs, as she knows that this is the best way for marketing and promoting her products.

She describes her experience with Microfund for Women as an amazing one and encourages every woman not to sit idly by and pursue their business to improve their family’s economic status.