My project is a family craft heritage ever since 1850. With a loan from MFW, I bought the essential material, and they promoted my products that uphold a national identity.

Abdelrazzaq Abu Mheisin - Al-Taj

  • > 140,685 active borrowers
  • >95.80% of active borrowers are women
  • Total amount of loans disbursed is > 25,946,773.
  • Repayment rate is >94.46%
  • > 30,441 loans
  • > 31 international and local awards
  • > 63 branches
  • > 745 employees
  • > 73.15% of employees are women

Siham M

Siham managed to secure an extra income for her family through the homemade pickles business she started at her house in Karimeh.

The 21-year-old Siham said that she could buy the needed ingredients and equipment to start her business after obtaining a fund from Microfund for Women. As a result, her business is making enough money to support her family of 3 and meet their daily needs.