Through the tremendous support I have received from Microfund for Women, I managed to market my clay business and reach more customers.

Dalia Riadi

  • > 140,685 active borrowers
  • >95.80% of active borrowers are women
  • Total amount of loans disbursed is > 25,946,773.
  • Repayment rate is >94.46%
  • > 30,441 loans
  • > 31 international and local awards
  • > 63 branches
  • > 745 employees
  • > 73.15% of employees are women

Sahar O

Sahar successfully elevated the living status of her family by starting a business to sell cleaning products to her family, friends, and neighbors.

The 43-year-old Sahar praised Microfund for Women for helping her stand on her feet and move forward with her dream with financial that enabled her to buy the needed products.

Sahar Othman said that she was able to improve the financial reality of her family of four due to the profit margins of her “humble” business.