After the vocational training courses, I started a plant nursery and sold my products through MFW’s market linkage.

Sana’a Awali - Amman

  • > 140,685 active borrowers
  • >95.80% of active borrowers are women
  • Total amount of loans disbursed is > 25,946,773.
  • Repayment rate is >94.46%
  • > 30,441 loans
  • > 31 international and local awards
  • > 63 branches
  • > 745 employees
  • > 73.15% of employees are women


Like any other wife would`ve done, Nehad stood by her husband and contributing to the household expenses by selling secondhand clothes, which she loved to do.

The 42-year-old Nehad said that she faced multiple challenges when she first started her business; the major obstacle was the finance, which motivated her to move forward and work even more challenging after obtaining a loan from Microfund for Women to kickstart this business.

Nehad describes her project as “a humble business” that significantly impacted her living situation and helped her pay off several financial commitments. She encourages every woman to start their own business that would for sure benefit them and their families!