I make a living off of my family coffee kiosk. However, with all the electric appliances used in the business, most of the profit went to the energy expenditure. With Taqati loan, I installed a solar energy system which helped decrease my energy bills while my household income increased!

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Jordanian Joyvin makes the path of success among the piles of coal

In her sixties, Aida Joufeen “Um Rami” made her way to success among the rubble of coal, which she has been making for 10 years, along with her husband, with determination and confidence to overcome poverty, and to provide her family with a decent life. says Joufeen “Um Rami”, that the difficult financial situation, which prevailed over the whole family, led her and her husband to adopt a coal production business 10 years ago, which is reflected positively on the economic level of her family, consisting of five members. She also notes that the financial return of her business is considered the only source for the family which lives in Al Kraimeh area, located in the northern Ghour, in the province of Irbid, North of Jordan. Pointing out that her region lacks many basic services and employment opportunities which makes her life more difficult.

Mrs. Joufeen “Um Rami”, 61 years old, confirms that her old age has only increased her dedication and hard work, which is full of risks, especially health issues and the great physical effort needed, in order to improve her financial situation to meet the various basic demands of life.

She notes that she would have not been able to establish her business without the support of Microfund for Women, which provided her with four “Tadamun” Group Loans, the first of which was in 2014, right after the financial challenges that she was facing while starting her business. Aida Joufeen “Um Rami “explains that she is working on charcoal production in an abandoned” area with dangerous animals such as hyenas, it also lacks water and electricity, and other basic services.

She explains that she produces coal through the establishment of earthy coals, where the charcoal is prepared for 10 days burning underground with close monitoring from her side.

Aida Joufeen “Um Rami” adds that she had to leave her house to live in a tent on the edge of the valley near her business, describing the coal production process as “extremely difficult”, as she tolerates a lot of the heat, in addition to the burns, became an integral part of her hands, due to the coal sorting process. The woman, who is full of vitality and activity, talked about the return of her business and its impact on her life and that of her family. The financial return enabled her to buy a house so that her sons and daughters can enjoy a decent life, in addition to fulfilling the family’s financial obligations, and also enabled them to cover the financial costs of treating her daughter, who suffers from a disease. She talked about the role of the Micro Fund for Women, which other than funding, provided her with a lot of assistance, which contributed to raising her efficiency in managing her business, describing her experience with the company, great and fruitful.

Aida Joufeen calls on, “Every woman on earth to find herself and depend on herself to raise her societal and financial position”.