The full university scholarship lifted a burden that weighed heavy on me and my family.

Sireen Salameh - Amman

  • > 140,685 active borrowers
  • >95.80% of active borrowers are women
  • Total amount of loans disbursed is > 25,946,773.
  • Repayment rate is >94.46%
  • > 30,441 loans
  • > 31 international and local awards
  • > 63 branches
  • > 745 employees
  • > 73.15% of employees are women


The hope to live a better life helped Hiyam to get to what she dreamed of. Her dream started when she launched her business from her home with a capital of no more than 100 JOD by selling household appliances to her surroundings from her family and relatives around Tayyad in Irbid. As demand increased, their self-confidence and enthusiasm to develop this business increased.

As her experience and knowledge increased, Hiyam decided to scale up her own business, thus thinking about opening a small grocery store to sell groceries, cleaning supplies, and sweets. She received a 4000 JOD fund from Microfund for Women, enabling her to open the grocery store she wanted. Hiyam did not care about society’s perception, they were not receptive to the idea of a female having a business, but with her husband’s support and determination, she became one of the most successful business models in the region. She then expanded her business to sell household appliances, vegetables, and fruits and expanded her store.

The success of her business had a noticeable impact as she developed her skills in managing and dealing with traders and the benefits her family enjoyed, such as improving their financial status and purchasing beds and household items.

“I am proud of myself and my business which provides a good service to my relatives and loved ones, and I am more proud to meet the needs of others; Microfund for Women has given me so much that helped me build my personality, abilities, and skills” Hiyam added.

Hiyam is now seeking to grow her business by opening several branches in more than one nationhood.