Community Programs & Services

Our team at MFW carries out a number of ongoing projects and initiatives that work to build upon our support for our beneficiaries and the communities in which they live. To date, more than 94,000 people across the Kingdom have benefitted from MFW’s community outreach programs and services.

Care Package Program

On special occasions, holidays, and at various times throughout the year, we deliver care packages and gifts to local children in underserved communities and neighborhoods. In addition to providing these children with much-needed necessities (such as clothing and school supplies), MFW’s care packages aim to bring joy to young people everywhere.

Free Medical Days

Carried out on a regular basis, our Free Medical Day service provides community members in underserved areas with free medical examinations, consultations, and medication. These events are held at MFW branches across the Kingdom, providing vital health information and care to beneficiaries, their families, their communities, and those most in need.