The Afiyatuna Microinsurance Program is designed to cover medical expenses that require medical supervision under a legally authorized facility operating as a hospital. Coverage can extend to the beneficiary, their spouse, and any children between the ages of one month and 21 years.


Advantages of Hospitalization

  • Insurance coverage of JOD15 per night
  • Hospitalization coverage for up to 24 consecutive nights
  • Hospitalization coverage for up to 36 nights per year
  • Maximum coverage for loan over 12 months is calculated to account for three nights per month of the loan term for each insured individual (including dependents)
  • Maximum benefits shall be due at any time insurance is valid
  • All beneficiaries under the age of 65 who have an outstanding loan of less than JOD3,500 are automatically approved for Afiyatuna Microinsurance, without needing to provide medical reports
  • For beneficiaries who have outstanding loans exceeding JOD3,500, an application must be sent to Jordan Insurance Company for prior approval
  • Active beneficiaries of the following MFW products are enrolled in Afiyatuna Microinsurance: Tadamoun Group Loan, Tatweer Loan, Omoumi Public Vehicle Loan, Retiree Loan, Intilaqati Loan, Home Improvement Loan
  • Both acute or chronic health issues are covered

In case of beneficiary’s death: The insurance company will pay the remaining debt of the deceased and the administrative expenses of MFW at the date of death. A check of JOD1,600 is also issued to a beneficiary previously determined by the deceased

In case of beneficiary’s spouse’s death: When the deceased spouse’s age does not exceed 65, the beneficiary receives a check of JOD750

Monthly payment: The subscription value of Afiyatuna Microinsurance for the duration of the loan term

Beneficiaries without dependents: JOD1.50 monthly payment

Beneficiaries with dependents: JOD2.50 monthly payment

Himaya Life Insurance is a microinsurance product that covers all remaining or outstanding loan balances owed to MFW in the case of the beneficiary’s death, including all administrative expenses, commissions, and fines.

Beneficiaries of the Maternity Loan, Seasonal Loan, and Educational Loan are eligible for Himaya Life Insurance.

  • In case of the beneficiary’s death, outstanding loan amounts are paid directly to MFW, including administrative expenses and fines
  • Monthly payment of 30 piasters