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    Tadamon is a product that allows multiple beneficiaries within the same community to apply collectively for financing. These loans can be used for diverse purposes, such as covering educational expenses, expanding a business, or easing any other sort of financial obligations or burdens.
    With every season comes new opportunities. The “Mawsemi” seasonal loan is a parallel loan for women who have existing projects being financed, to be able to benefit from growth, expansion, and increased production.
    Due to the multiplicity of the beneficiaries’ needs, and to be able to continue meeting and serving them, we designed “Ashanak” loan for you, to enable beneficiaries who received financing or new people with project ideas who would wish to receive financing to benefit from a certain amount to establish or start a project and can benefit from the loan to cover the needs of the beneficiaries in order to improve their livelihood.
    The “Green Energy” loan allows homeowners and entrepreneurs operating across all sectors to finance and install renewable energy systems (e.g. photovoltaic cells, solar heaters) and energy-efficient electrical appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. By financing these kinds of energy-saving investments, we aim to help beneficiaries reduce their energy costs in a way that will positively contribute to their long-term financial stability and sustainability of their businesses.
    Providing a safe and healthy environment at home is one of the most important factors that physical and psychological comfort, which in return leads to success in work, education, and more. Therefore, we designed the “Tahseen Al-Manzel” loan to enable beneficiaries to make the necessary changes to their houses, including major and minor maintenance, construction, and renovation. This loan is also available to all male and female beneficiaries who received a loan from MFW by obtaining the “Tahseen Al-Manzel” loan as an additional one for their existing loans.
    With “Omoumi” loan, individuals who own and operate public transportation vehicles (such as taxis, buses, and vans), including employees of authorized smart-app transportation companies, can obtain financing to license, secure, and maintain their vehicles, allowing them to maintain their source of income.
    We believe in the universal right for education and the importance of it as a catalyst for positive change. The Taaleemi educational loan is for students at all stages of their academic or vocational education, and may be used to cover educational expenses and tuition at all levels of learning, from vocational and training courses to graduate and postgraduate degrees.
    We believe that when mothers are supported and empowered, the future is brighter for everyone. Our “Maternity” loan is designed to help expectant mothers cover the myriad expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, including doctor visits, medications, nutritional supplements, and newborn’s supplies. This is available to all beneficiaries as a parallel loan.
    Mashrouak Maana loan targets small and micro companies and owners of small projects, whether the project is home-based and/or independent (registered and/or unregistered), and has a monthly cash flow, to develop and support projects, especially after they were affected by the spread of the corona virus.
    Due to the various needs of the beneficiaries and to continue serving them, we designed “Makanak Ma’ana” loan, which enables current or potential beneficiaries who have obtained multiple financings to combine them in one place.

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    • Grace period up to 12 months
    • Amounts up to JD 25,000
    • Flexible repayment period up to 42 months
    •  5% Yearly Reducing Interest Rate